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Pinnacle LGS, worlds' leading Building Technology Provider of Totally Integrated “Light Gauge Steel Structure Framing, Design to Production System”. Pinnacle LGS possesses valuable LGS construction which are ready to be passed on to its global clients With its 20+ years of practical experiences in the LGS building industry from North America to Europe and from Europe to Middle East. Pinnacle LGS is the unique different among other competitors. We can supply up to 5.0mm thickness rolling system and PEB truss with international patent. PinnacleLGS supply different multispecification machines to build big span, mid-high buildings.

Through its industry-leading green building technologies, Pinnacle LGS provides its global clients with a turn-key approach to the custom design and construction of light gauge steel framed (LGS) residential and light commercial buildings, specific to the needs of each individual client in its region. This turn-key solution allows our clients instant access to Pinnacle LGS design and logistics knowhow, progressive engineering and manufacturing knowhow, as well as innovative building construction knowhow. With the transfer of these knowhow, Pinnacle LGS will ensure its global clients that their LGS manufacturing and construction process will be efficiently managed from the day of sale through to the completion of their project.



FRAMECAD is an advanced, end-to-end Design, Engineer and Build system enabling the rapid construction of quality buildings for housing, commercial, and industrial applications including Pre-Engineered Building (PEB).

The FRAMECAD System is a modern method of construction using Cold Form Steel (CFS) framing.

Intelligent FRAMECAD software streamlines engineering, designing and detailing processes; ensuring buildings can be rapidly built and easily duplicated, while being strong, durable and fit for purpose.

FRAMECAD's innovative manufacturing solutions produce cost-effective, steel frame structures quickly and efficiently.

FRAMECAD was established in 1987 in Auckland, New Zealand and has offices in New Zealand (headquarter), in the Middle East, in America, in Asia, in Australia and in Africa, and has provided over 500 manufacturing solutions in over 118 countries. FRAMECAD is led by world-leading experts in engineering, detailing, software programming, manufacturing design and customer support.


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