National Engineering Technology Research Center for

Prefabrication Construction in Civil Engineering

The establishment of National Engineering Technology Research Center for Prefabrication Construction in Civil Engineering was approved by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People Republic of China on April 2013.It is the only national innovation and research base for Prefabrication Construction in Civil Engineering , and also technological achievement incubator. Drawing upon prefabrication expertise across Structural Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering of the College of Civil Engineering and theoretical Mechanics and Design of the School of Mechanical Engineering ,we initiate and administer the research center.

The Center is targeted at

Building the innovation base for prefabricated industrialized building technology which possesses first-class facilities and top research abilities. The center tends to share information and perspectives broadly.

Building the national incubator and transformation base for advanced achievements in the prefabrication building technology system with the first-class level of engineering and industrialization.

Developing the standard system of the prefabricated industrialized building technology and stimulating the formation of industry chain for industrialized building in Civil Engineering.

Accelerating development of technology transformation and upgrading of construction industry to rank in the world.

The focus areas of the center are prefabricated construction system, standardization of prefabricated components, mechanization of structural assembling technology, modern construction equipment, modularized and standardized design, informatization and BIM.

Our research administrators are nationally recognized and have earned state reputation for academic achievements. The executive supervisors of the Preparatory Committee are Jie Chen, who is the deputy director of Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, and Gang Pei, who is the president of Tongji University. Meanwhile, Academician of Chinese Academy of Science Gang Pei acts as the director of Management Committee, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Zuyan Shen works as the director of Technical Committee and former Vice-president of Tongji university Guoqiang Li...... the deputy directors of Technical Committee are Professor Yuanqi Li, professor Jianzhong Li and Professor Yongming Bian.

The center now has four core research platforms for prefabricated building technology, prefabricated structural engineering technology, specialized equipments and techniques, information management system technology. In addition, the center set up the Prefabricated Architectural Design Laboratory and Prefabricated Building Information Module Research Institute.

The center can only provide meaningful impact on the promotion of prefabrication construction in civil engineering when implemented on a large scale . For this reason, collaboration with universities and industry is a key part of the center's work. Up to present, four sub centers were set up in partnership with the Technology Center of China state Construction Engineering Corporation(China’s largest construction and real estate conglomerate and biggest building work contractor), China Construction steel structure( the largest structural steel industry group and high-tech enterprise in China), Ningbo University of Technology and Zhengzhou University. Meanwhile, Tongji-SCG(Shanghai Construction Group) Research and development center of modern industrial building technology was established by Tongji University and National Technology Center of Shanghai Construction Group.

To foster the development and transformation of advanced technologies into concrete results, “Shanghai Engineering Technology Research Center for Prefabricated Construction in Civil Engineering Co.Ltd was sponsored by Tongji University and Sanxiang Co.Ltd to provide technology service, consultation ,transformation of scientific findings, technological exchange and training. The company facilitates a direct line for implementation and expansion of these research findings.

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